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It takes for a while because I was looking for someone who could take video editor work. 
This time, the subject is whole process, pencil to Screentone, by step by step video clips. 

The first one is "introduction", showing whole process with speed video. 

I have been thinking for a while to make some video clip, How to draw manga series.

I'm having manga lesson class, both in person and online already. I think that is the best way learning manga (In person > Online), but attending manga class is not easy to everyone. The costs, schedule, and shyness...

So if I could offer some video lessons, it would be good for both MSN (Manga School Nakano) and the audience. It would help to run online video lesson, to improve the contents and publicity. On the ohter hand, the audience can watch free video how to draw and ask questions.

But there was a problem - I couldn't make video clips by myself because I have no skill for that. Fotunantally, I got some people who can help me, Masao-kun and Pirrip-kun! ! With them, I've started Manga drawing video clip project now!

This is the first video clip, about how to draw faces. This version is about 10 minutes. We'll make short video clips, about 10 min. /3-5 min. because it easily can be watched anytime.
We are not in this building anymore, though - have moved. Sweating a little...

It's just started. Camera angles, positions, constructions, we'll improve them by try and error. 

They are free. That because every member i s kindly helping me with no charge.  I'm thinking to get some income by advertisement - I could pay some to them by that,  if we got many subscribers and views.

Please share the video clips and subscribe our channel "Nakano Let's draw" and give us your feedback! We can keep doing it or not - it depends on you!
We are planning one new video every week! Don't miss it!
I received my air ticket to US. I'm going to Charlotte the end of year 2016 for Ichibancon. If you have time and live near, come to see me! 
(I'll have a table in artist alley or dealer's room, give panels and workshop, maybe)
I'll sell my books and drawings. (not comission - except for my characters)…

Photo from Colossalcon 2016

CkJBNuMW0AApOF1 by NaoYazawa
Drawings at Colossalcon
010 by NaoYazawa  
01f10837879e66f791a023c0e7b71f933ffb8344ad by NaoYazawa     0121eb04530282b31d9b09fd0e529110e3fe0dc17e by NaoYazawa   Untitled by NaoYazawa    0143216c7b3be056e347b34fe0f763402ceed87cd3 by NaoYazawa 

Books (At Kaigai Manga Fest/International comic festival in Tokyo) 
0196aebb2dc6eeebb6fec8847f3ffcb298c845fefa by NaoYazawa

Workshop at Banzaicon
12243360 923107421069725 795487833429490481 N by NaoYazawa

We are looking for some students for Manga Online Lesson.
Manga School Nakano Flyer 2-3 by NaoYazawa
Every Sunday, 10:40-11:30, 12:00-12:50, and 15:20-16:10, 16:40-17:30.(Japan Time)

I've just released Moon and Blood vol.4 Japanese edition, so I've started the free campaign of Moon and Blood vol.3 as usual. It can be read with Kindle, Kindle fire, Kindle for iPhone/iPad, Kindle for Android.

The free campaign is from today (16th 0:00) - 20th 23:59 Aug.,Pacific Standard Time

It for everyone;

If you've read Moon and Blood English version(e-book) already, you'll find more fine and crispy images in this edition. (The resolution is about 1280X900)

If you'd not try the series yet, you can look the manga. Then if you were interested in this series, - buy and read English edition. :)

If you read Japanese - you enjoy reading this free manga, and more - It has some omake(extra), the first drafts of the main characters' profile (the one I showed my editor) in this time. I think it would be interesting reading, especially if you write/draw manga.

These links are to, but you can find the series on other Amazon site, too. Search byASIN:B00DR0KD48 or "Moon and Blood Nao Yazawa".

Here is Vol.4 Japanese edition, it has just released. 100 yen.

The cover design was done by my friend Mana, as usual. Thank you for the beautiful design! ^^

In this volume, I added the plot ideas I showed to DMP's editor as Omake(extra). There are 3 pattern plots of entire series and 2 suggestions of the ending. None of them fit in the actual  Moon and Blood story, but you can find some elements fro,m them. If you've created any stories, it would be interesting to read. And ut also has funny 4koma for Dojinshi edition. ;)

Moon and Blood 1-4

English edition from DMP

Kindle Edition

Paperback (Vol.4 is coming soon)

Moon and Bood vol.1(Japanese edition) and NOZOMI (English), these 2 manga books are free on Amazon now, till 27th.

Moon and Blood 1 Japanese edition.

The file size is 19606 KB(Omake*bonus*-manga is included), means the image quality is high (English edition: 5102 KB)
Even if you don't read Japanese, it's still worth a look....I think


My first manga for US readers, in 2003.
This is manga (the frame work style), but read left to right.

Moon and Blood folder…